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About Us

About Us

About Us

About Us
About Us
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About Us

Xclusive by MYLE, an initiative by team MYLE. With the changes arose from the pandemic and upgrading of living standards, our team sees an opportunity to serve you better by dedicating ourselves to Make Your Life Easier. Particularly, designed to save your time whether you are at work or at home. Xclusive embraces our clients’ high expectations. Through our connections, Xclusive provides you with an experience of a lifetime.

​Whether it is for business or leisure. We have more than over 100 different types of Concierge Services available for you to utilize. With Xclusive, you now have the luxury to tailor make your travel plans, run errands or attend classes that you so desired. So, stay connected with us and let us achieve work life balance, luxury and convenience with you.

About Us

Xclusive by MYLE is a subsidiary of MYLE International Pte. Ltd. MYLE International is a management consultancy firm, which was incorporated in 2019, focused on helping businesses grow through strategic consultation and implementation.

Learning that the strategy works for businesses, the team has developed Xclusive by MYLE which now provides solutions that cater to individuals.

Xclusive by MYLE is a concierge services provider.

A concierge that gives you an extra hour a day, an extra day in a week and an extra day every month to achieve more, and to feel alive. At the same time, unique as it is, we are industry-driven to cater work-life balance.

Xclusive is your solutions to the concept of time. With Xclusive by MYLE, you get to appreciate life, enjoy moments and cherish quality time.

Our Vision

To be the only number you need to remember.

Our Mission

With Xclusive, dreas will be actualized, your experiences enhanced, your goals materialized and your time maximized.

Our Values

At Xclusive, we believe that the growth of the company stems from our core values. These values constitute the fundamentals of our company and is what drives our brad to excellence.
We put people first We put people first
We are proactive We are proactive
We serve with integrity We serve with integrity
We pursue excellence We pursue excellence
We work with respect We work with respect